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Newsletter Q3 2023

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News December 2021

December 2021:
New password for Excel downloads will be necessary from 1-1-2022
Last Steering Group meeting of 2021 on 9th of December
October 2021
New working Group Exterior Hatches and panels has been started. By standardisation the influence of human errors during maintenance can be reduced. DB, SCNF, NS, EuroStar en OBB have joined this group.
Exchange with OEM’s and suppliers has been improved: more flexible and accessible during the entire development process of the EuroSpec.

News February-March 2021

March 2021

  • Ralf Marxen (DB) has taken over the chairman ship of Bruno Langlois (SNCF)
  • Over 50 participants celebrates 10th anniversary of EuroSpec via the on-line…
  • February 2021

  • International standards on terms and definitions: EN 17343 and IEC 60050-811 …
  • Fuel Cells: EuroSpec work on alternative energy will be aligned with new IEC…
  • EuroSpec specification template will be extended with the attributes System…
  • Invitation for Second plenary EuroSpec on March 10th has been sent.
  • Steering Group reviewed first draft EuroSpec ‘Doors’ and ‘On board data availability’
  • Latest News July 2020

  • EuroSpec makes progress during Corona period. Teams and Webex are widely used to continue the activities of steering and working groups
  • New on website: project briefs published for your feedback on new working items
  • Project brief  Circularity of Rolling Stock available for consultation
  • Linked-in EuroSpec available for first updates
  • Alignment of priorities EuroSpec working group TCMS with Shift2Rail projects
  • Latest News May 2020

    • Vision and Mission EuroSpec 2020 has been available via Linked-in.
    • Eurospec Parking Noise  is mentioned in UIC white paper on acoustics (dated February 2020)
    • Eurospec requirement in a future EN for Toilets: special task for Chairman group.

    Latest News February 2020

  • New version 3 EuroSpec toilets available. New experiences of operators and ….
  • Ralf Marxen is the new DB representative in Steering Group. Ralf is the Head ….
  • Dialogue with OEM and suppliers to next level. After having a MoU with UNIFE….
  • Based on the ongoing developments and changing positions EuroSpec Steering ….
  • New EuroSpec expected in 2020: Seat comfort, Common ID’s and Watertightness….
  • Working plan 2020 is uploaded on the website.
  • Latest News EuroSpec August 2019

    June 2019: New EuroSpec ‘Parking Noise v1.0’ available on
    June 2019: A new EuroSpec ‘Seat-comfort’ in the final validation stage.
    The EuroSpec will be expected before end of 2019.
    June 2019: New Working Group ‘On-board Data Availability’ started.
    May 2019: nine legal acts have been adopted by the European Commission on May 16th
    in the light of the start of the 4th Railway Package’s Technical Pillar on 16th June 2019.

    Latest News EuroSpec May 2019

    March 2019: Major interest of EuroSpec members in topic ‘Rolling Stock Software handling, a technical specification to update software’. April 2019: MoU with UNIFE extended in.  In order to improve our specifications the cooperation with UNIFE is very important for EuroSpec. Valuable input from manufacturers and suppliers point of view. April 2019: Meeting Management EuroSpec and Round table […]