Accelerator for user-oriented harmonisation of rolling stock


Main areas

In order to achieve the goal the Eurospec team is working on subjects across the 4 pillars for improvement:
  • Process Requirements: a set of process requirements in order to align and improve procurement processes and to achieve a fluent introduction of the new rolling stock within the operator’s organization and processes.
  • Functional Requirements: complete, harmonized, updated set of functional specifications for new rolling stock used by European operators to allow a common architecture.
  • Product Requirements: a set of product and interface specifications in order to achieve a higher availability on the short and long term of spare parts and exchangeable systems (for flexible retrofitting).
  • Strategic and Innovative Requirements: a set of strategic and innovative requirements in order to make adaptation of new technologies within the rolling stock quicker and at a lower cost.

Work approach for drafting specifications

The EuroSpec work approach resulting in the EuroSpec work flow is based on the principle of finding basic common agreements (exploiting good practice) when drafting specifications. The specifications are not intended to block innovation or to prevent improvement. For this purpose, each requirement is followed by a rationale. The EuroSpec specifications are discussed with the European manufacturers and suppliers and their comments are taken into account. This approach led to the acknowledgement of EuroSpec by the European rail manufacturing industry.
EuroSpec’s main strength is the cooperation and information exchange among rail operators in terms of good practice on various fields.

What we deliver: the specifications

We are proud that we deliver a whole set of specifications with harmonized requirements.
Some have already new versions, based on feedback from the members or manufacturers.
The structure of these requirements should be well aligned. But we needed some steps to achieve our ‘standard ‘ structure. Therefore the structure from some older specifications can differ from the recent ones.
Every module consists of a pdf- document and an Excel-file. The Excel sheets can be helpful for your requirement management process.
The important base of the EuroSpec work is the module Requirement Management.

Work Plan

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