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News February-March 2021

March 2021
• Ralf Marxen (DB) has taken over the chairman ship of Bruno Langlois (SNCF).
• Over 50 participants celebrates 10th anniversary of EuroSpec via the on-line 2nd Plenary on 10th march. Valuable network and exchange of indepth knowledge are the unique corner stones of EuroSpec. Advisory Board member Thierry Fort (SNCF) and Dr. Kai Bruggemann (CEO ÖBB Technical Services) spoke some supporting words about the importance of harmonization for the railsector and the customer and the valuable products delivered by EuroSpec.
February 2021
• International standards on terms and definitions: EN 17343 and IEC 60050-811 and IEC 60050-821 to be used as a basis for all new and updates from EuroSpec.
• Fuel Cells: EuroSpec work on alternative energy will be aligned with new IEC-standards WI IEC 63341-1 and -2 about on-board fuel cells with hydrogen.
• EuroSpec specification template will be extended with the attributes System, Function and Non-functional element (according to EN 15380-4 and 5).
• Invitation for Second plenary EuroSpec on March 10th has been sent.
• Steering Group reviewed first draft EuroSpec ‘Doors’ and ‘On board data availability’
• Working Plan 2021 has been approved by Steering Group
• New Working Group ‘Circular material lifecycles for Rolling Stock’ will start its activities in March 2021.