Accelerator for user-oriented harmonisation of rolling stock


Who we are?

The EuroSpec consortium is composed of six active members: six European train operating companies, i.e. Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), Deutsche Bahn (DB), SNCF Mobilités (SNCF), Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB), Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (SBB) and the Railway Delivery Group (RDG).

What it is?

The EuroSpec activity started in 2011. The main target of EuroSpec is the improvement of reliability and quality of trains by using a common and standardised functional and non-functional specifications and verification methods for purchasing of new trains. The specification is based on the operational experience and existing requirements of several train operating companies.

These requirements are harmonised and can be used in tenders and replace individual company specific requirements. They are company, manufacturer and product neutral, describing functions of rolling stock and their verification. Thus they do not touch any competitive areas of the train operators and will not hamper innovation. They are also distributed and discussed with system and component manufacturers to improve quality and reliability of rolling stock. EuroSpec helps to avoid reconstruction of proven and reliable products just driven by individual train operating companies’ requirements and thus supporting standardisation and manufacturing of rolling stock based on vehicle platforms in the European railway sector.

How we are organized?

The organisational structure is in line with our values and working principles: transparent, efficient and shared.
Daily organization: The EuroSpec initiative is run by a Coordinator and supported by a secretary. The aim of the Coordinator is to ensure that the initiative progresses as planned, wherefore the Coordinator is mandated to do so by the Steering Group.
Working Structure: The overall working structure falls into three main parts:

  • The Advisory Group (AG) takes decisions of essential strategic character. The AG is convoked by the Coordinator. Members are high level company representatives.
  • The Steering Group (SG) sets-up and adjusts the work program, monitor the work progress and take decisions of operational business character. This group acts as the Technical Management. The SG shall actively support and contribute to the work. The SG meetings are convoked by the Coordinator. Members: Company representatives with technical background and detailed knowledge of European regulation and standardisation. For the currenct composition of the SG, use this link.
  • The Working Groups (WG) create the harmonized technical specifications according to the framework set by the SG. The WG meetings are convened by the WG chair. Every WG consists of representative of at least 3 member organizations. Members are technical experts of the operating companies.