Accelerator for user-oriented harmonization of rolling stock

Focus and Results

What we do?

The approach of the EuroSpec is to focus on one hand on selected relevant topics of its members (bottum up), but also the common structure were these fit in (top-down) and specifications which support the specification and procurement process. Examples of selected topics are toilet-systems, heating/ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, sliding steps or parking noise.
An additional specification, on requirement management was created and is used now to monitor that EuroSpec specifications fulfill requirement management rules and to increase the quality and consistency of the documents.

Al these topics do not touch the competitive domain between the train operators, but support them in competing with other transport modes. A consequent application of EuroSpec methods and specifications should promote standardisation, quality, vehicle platforms and decrease costs.

What did we achieve so far?

  • Application and dissemination of EuroSpec documents:
  • Discussion with individual manufacturers and suppliers
  • Exchange and discussion with UNIFE (MoU in force);
  • Already used in tenders across Europe;
  • Recognized, understood and included in new (standard) designs of manufacturers;
  • Used as starting point for new EN-standardisation work
  • Elements used as input for Shift2Rail-projects
  • Publication at
  • We created a network of ‘Experts’ and ‘design managers’, meeting each other sharing experience and the same long term ideas.