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Latest News EuroSpec August 2019

  • June 2019: New EuroSpec ‘Parking Noise v1.0’ available on
  • June 2019: A new EuroSpec ‘Seat-comfort’ in the final validation stage. The EuroSpec will be expected before end of 2019.
  • June 2019: New Working Group ‘On-board Data Availability’ started.
  • May 2019: nine legal acts have been adopted by the European Commission on May 16th in the light of the start of the 4th Railway Package’s Technical Pillar on 16th June 2019. Publication in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) is expected end of May 2019. The legal acts are Revision Noise TSI, TSI Package + ERATV, OPE TSI, RINF, Recommendation practical arrangements on safety authorisations, TAP TSI CCM, TAF TSI CCM, Revision PRM TSI on inventory of assets and New ECM Regulation