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News December 2021

Latest news

December 2021:

  • New password for Excel downloads will be necessary from 1-1-2022
  • Last Steering Group meeting of 2021 on 9th of December

October 2021

  • New working Group Exterior Hatches and panels has been started. By standardisation the influence of human errors during maintenance can be reduced. DB, SCNF, NS, EuroStar en OBB have joined this group.
  • Exchange with OEM’s and suppliers has been improved: more flexible and accessible during the entire development process of the EuroSpec.

September 2021

  • Presentation of EuroSpec Alternative Energy held at ERESS conference
  • Feedback button per EuroSpec on website installed to make exchange of opinions much easier.

June 2021:

  • Maintenance Software – New working Group started. Objective is to specify a common reference frame for the maintenance software applications of rolling stock ‘s electronic onboard control units. SNCF, NS, SBB amd RDG are joining this group.

April 2021

  • 3th updated version of Requirements Management templates have been uploaded on the website